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Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge

Covering a spectacular region of Meath, Cavan and Westmeath. In aid of The Irish Cancer Society Starting on the 8th AUG 2020 For information email: Take up the challenge of completing 50 miles under 20 hours or less. Why not walk part of this challenge and still support this great cause! Sponsorship Cards - Minimum of €50 per walker This Walking thing is not for me!! Most of us learn to live comfortably within our limits but occasionally we like to test where our boundaries lie. When presented with a difficult physical challenge, we might assume that only someone with extraordinary motivation and self-confidence could pull it off. However, there are situations where, conditions being right, a small spark can ignite a huge fire. Given the right set of circumstances, even average people can reach well beyond their limits and achieve something they never thought possible. Details of training walks will be advertised nationally, and on the Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge pages on Facebook. More information on
Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge
Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge
HOME WALKING CHALLENGE 2020 - Let’s fight CANCER TOGETHER even though apart.

Due to Covid-19 the Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge 2020 cannot go ahead under the current HSE guidelines. We can’t physically have over 1000’s people attend and control social distancing measures over a 50 mile route, it is our responsibility as a committee to keep all participants and volunteer helpers along the route safe and protected.

As we are one of the largest contributors to the Irish Cancer Society annually, it is our goal now to lessen the impact of this loss of funding that they desperately need to support cancer services across Ireland. We hope you can now JOIN us for a HOME WALKING CHALLENGE by walking on your own or in a small group with social distances in place on the 8th August 2020 in your own area. We would like to thank everyone who registered, and we really hope together we can have a nationwide presence throughout the country in honour of the Irish Cancer Society and still make a difference.

Therefore, we have set up a donation page
dedicated for the weekend of the 8th August 2020 and it will be closed on the Monday the 10th @ 4pm. We hope you can share this day with us and walk with us whether its 1 mile or 50 miles. Every step and donation made will help in the fight against cancer. Staying within HSE guidelines and raising the much-needed funds for the Irish Cancer Society. We also hope you can post your photos to our Facebook page on the day and have some fun 😜

For anyone who has already raised money online via idonate, we are going to keep the accounts active until next years event on the 12th June 2021. We understand that this money you have raised is for your 50 mile journey and we want you to be able to complete this next year on the 12th June 2021.

SO… If you are STILL up for a CHALLENGE join us on Saturday 8th August 2020 and walk for the Irish Cancer Society. Let’s fight CANCER TOGETHER even though apart.
Our donation page for this specific event:

Irish Cancer Society:
If you or someone in your life is undergoing cancer treatment and are concerned about the coronavirus, you can speak confidentially to an Irish Cancer Society Nurseline 1800 200 700

Registration for 2021 will reopen in January 2021. 👍
Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge
Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge
A message from the Irish Cancer Society to the committee today to explain to us where the money that our walk contributes to them each year goes, particularly this year during the current circumstances. It is our hope that we will be able to continue to raise the much needed funds to continue the services available.

We want to share with you the impact your support and hard work is having on people and families affected by cancer. Please also share this information with anyone in your community that needs it.

1) Today sees the launch Together 4 Cancer Concern; psychological support and counselling to anyone affected by cancer in these uncertain times. This is a national service open to people living with cancer including their family and carers. To contact service call the Irish Cancer Society Supportline 1800 200 700.

2) The Nurseline 1800 200 700 is now running 7 days a week providing support on everything related to COVID and Cancer such as:

· Entitlements

· How to access care and support in your home

· All the medical questions as usual through the Nurseline and the expertise of our team of specialist oncology nurses

· Direct link to counselling

3) website and Irish Cancer Society’s social media has a vast array of COVID information and guidance

4) We have specific specialist info on

a. Medical explanation of what happening – Please take a look at this youtube video

b. Psychological issue – good audio piece with Dr. Paul D’Alton

c. Mindfulness piece with Dorothy Thomas

d. A nutritional piece –

5) The Volunteer Driver services is still running with more volunteers being recruited at the moment

6) End of care support through our Night Nursing services is still being provided
Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge
Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge
Due to the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, and with current restrictions still in place by the HSE until May 5th, the committee of the JFK 50 mile challenge has decided to postpone this years walk until Saturday AUGUST 8TH 2020, (but may have to be reviewed again closer to this date).

We hope that people continue to train within the safe measures of 2km from their homes and can still join us on this date.

We hope that you and your families all remain safe and in good health! Mind yourselves ❤

All sponsorship cards will remain the same and we are still open to new registrations.
Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge
Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge
This is worth watching - Stay Safe Everyone !
Michelle Greene Carey
Diagnosed with an 'untreatable', extremely rare cancer at the age of 28, 2 weeks to live, she had every reason to give up. But the only thing worse than being told you can't survive, is accepting it. You can not only survive, but you can flourish, which is what Michelle was all about.
She talks about the fundamentals of adversity and her determination to turn the weeks in her prognosis into years. How when other people were surviving and suffering, she was dying and thriving. She controlled what she could, not what others told her she couldn't.
This video was recorded in December 2018, with Michelle wishing for it to be posted after her passing to help those who are struggling.
Not only those who are thrown into the deep end with a terminal diagnosis, because we all have one of those, some just shorter than others. But also, those who suffer from poor mental health, a victim mindset, or any other form of debilitating illness. Those who complain consistently, listen to yourself, how irrelevant does it sound?
If you have your health, be grateful. If you are suffering with a difficult illness, be grateful you have something to fight for. If you choose to watch and listen to Michelle , there is definite benefit that can be derived.
Michelle Greene Carey - Omnipresent
Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge
Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge
Hope everyone is keeping safe !!
Irish Cancer Society are looking for volunteer drivers to help transport cancer patients to and from their hospital chemotherapy treatments. Volunteers are needed in locations across Ireland to help keep this vital service running. This role is weekdays only and you must be able to commit a full day when driving. All drivers must have a roadworthy vehicle, an active email address and a valid driver's license. If interested, please apply through Volunteer Ireland:


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