Thank you for Registering the Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge is on this Saturday.

Below is some important information Please read !

The final countdown is on to the Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge so it’s time to focus on the day itself! The following is a broad outline of the do’s and don’ts but feel free to contact us if you need further details!
Do : –

  • Arrive early. We leave at 6am sharp so please aim to be at the Community Centre in Moylagh just up from Dromone village by 5am-5.30am no later than 5.30am to sign in / get register and collect your t-shirt. T-shirts are on a first come first serve basis!
  • Follow the stewards directions – they will assist you with parking and direct you where to go to sign in. We are expecting large crowds again this year so please follow their instructions to avoid delays.
  • The route is fully stewarded throughout the challenge, again please follow their instructions and follow the rules of the road as there will be no road closures for the event.
  • Warm-up – it is important to get a good start and get the muscles working early so join Ciara for her warm up session at 5.40-45am.
  • Keep in contact – make sure your phone is fully charged and we would advise bringing a power pack as back-up if needed. A list of support crew numbers will be available on the morning for use throughout the day if you need them.
  • Dress for the challenge – bring a light raincoat if needed and please mark your name/contact details on it. A change of socks is advisable
  • Please make sure you’ve broken in your runners! Do not wear new runners.
  • Wear sunscreen & lip balm if its sunny (don’t forget to check the spf of the lip balm as some may not have it!)
  • Remember who you’re doing this for – if you have lost someone to cancer and want to remember them on the day we have a memory board where you can place their picture. The board will be displayed at the beginning of the race and moved to the finish line afterwards.
  • Share your experience – send us your photos and comments on facebook, twitter & Instagram using the #moylagh50 hashtag for us to share & inspire!
  • Be afraid of coming on your own, there is plenty of people to talk to along the route.
  • We provide food and water, so you don’t need to bring a stock of food. Bring some protein bars etc if needed. Unless you have a specific dietary requirement there is no need to bring food or drink on the day. There are 5 main food stops along the route in addition to the residents along the route putting out food & drink tables.
  • Don’t Continue if injured or feel unwell – Civil Defence crews will be on the route throughout the day and physios will be available at various points from mile 25 onwards. All personnel on the day are volunteers giving their time freely to the event. We endeavour to provide basic physio to all that need it however this is dependent on numbers of volunteers and numbers of participants on the day. Physios will not provide treatment for injuries, they are there to provide rub-downs to free up tightening muscles. If you sustain an injury please make yourself known to the civil defence crews who will assess and advise.
  • Don’t pack a big bag – food & drink are plentiful and the civil defence teams provide blister backs & bandages. A small bum-bag with spare socks, sunscreen and your phone is really all you need. If you do bring a back-pack and need to give it to a steward along the route it will be returned to Dromone Village where you can pick it up when you return (please mark clearly with name/contact details). There will be no facility to pick up a back-pack further along the route.
  • DONT Litter – there will be rubbish bags and buckets along the route, please use them.
Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists
This is very important; along the route we will have a limited amount of Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists. We will have this year Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists in the village also at the finish point for those that finish early. It is important that people that are finishing the full 50 and or attempting the full challenge are giving priority along the route over those that are finished early. Therefore at each stop the Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists will treat the finishers first. You must also understand that all the people that help out as Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists are volunteers.  They give their time kindly and please thank them.

Some Self Help Tips:
  • If your legs feel tight a simple stretch by putting your leg 90 degrees up against a wall or gate.. Use compression socks.
  • Drink plenty of water and remember salts are important because if you are sweating you will lose salts, use a dioralyte etc to replenish salts.
  • Also stretch your back and arms. Walking 50 miles your arms will also get heavy and tired. Rotate them ever so often and hold them above your head let and the blood flow.
  • Rest if needed but not for too long, 5-10 mins and go again. Resting for too long you will get stiff and will take longer to get going.
  • If you get a blister DO NOT POP IT put a compeed blister plaster on it.
Medals :
Please note: only people that complete the FULL 50 miles will receive a medal. Groups that do a relay will receive a Cert. If someone in the group completes the full 50 they will receive a medal. Please understand if you do not do the full 50 you will still receive a cert of participation. There is also a cert for 25 miles.
T-Shirts are a first come first serve. We have endevoured to have enough of each size however it is up to you to arrive on time to get your size.
Sign in:
Directions: on our website here: https://www.50milechallenge.com/directions-2/

OUR EIR Code is : A82 RP74
Thank you to each and everyone who has signed up and entered the challenge. This event raises vital funds for Cancer Services in Ireland. Please also remember that every person you meet that is helping out by stewarding, food prep, driving etc are all volunteers and give their time for free. Say thank you it will mean everything to them. Thanks again….
From the Moylagh JFK 50 Mile Challenge Committee.
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